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May all the recipients of the scholarships given under the name of Melody, Andres, Christopher, Anthony, and Jacob be blessed with the opportunity to live God's dream in memory of these young people lives that

ended to soon. 


Melody graduated Wilson High School and went on to graduate from Cal State University Los Angeles with a bachelor's degree in Social Work. She loved all types of music, playing sports, going to church, and traveling. Most of all Melody loved her family and friends. She went on to be with the Lord in 2009 at the age of 24. Melody had a huge heart for the children of the local community and always did her best to help and encouraged them to seek education. 



Christoper went home to be with the Lord in 2013 at the age of 20. Chris struggled with school because he always wanted to have fun. When he got older he realized how important school was and aimed to finish strong while seeking a career as a barber and owning his shop one day. His life was cut short due to a gun shot. Even though Chris was not a gang member, he was a victim of a violent crime that changed every one that knew him.  



Andres was a senior at Los Angeles International Charter High School and had just been accepted into the Cal State LA program of Television, Film, and Media Studies. He loved making people laugh and smile and often was the class clown. Andres made friends very easily and stood up to bullies that picked on other kids. He went on to be with the Lord in 2015 at the age of 17. Andres loved skating and video games. He had a desire to reach other young people with the love of God.   



Anthony had a soft spot for those enduring challenging circumstances as developmentally disabled students in school, and homeless individuals caught up in the streets. He had a sense of humor that could be annoying and so funny at the same time. He was a huge fan of USC Trojan Football, along with the Seahawks, and the Lakers. He obtained his High School Diploma, which was a huge success. He was interested inelectrical and craftmanship type work. He was loved by his mother, father, grandparents, and Nino. Anthony's died at the age of 22. 

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