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Back 2 School Rally

Once a year we give away anywhere from 800-1,200 backpacks filled with pencils, paper, and many other school supplies to local children and youth from communities that have different needs. These backpacks and supplies are made available in the month of August,


all the details will be posted once we have more info on this event. We also partner with local schools that may have students with needs for school supplies and try to support those students with the appropriate tools for success.  


Tutoring is offered in small groups for students that require to be given attention in them completing their math, social science, or language homework. These students are encouraged to maintain a high GPA while beginning to think of their future education goals.


The first goal is to have each student graduate High School because many local youth drop-out and struggle with many different issues of life. There are incentives offered that are used as motivation towards having students raise their grades and have good school attendance. Please contact us at for information on our homework clinic's availability.


We offer scholarships for students that are making their way to college. Many of these students are first in their family to head to college and are coming from neighborhoods that many times do not value education.


These scholarships are made available for the student to determine where they feel best needed. For example, we have had students buy computers, textbooks, or other useful tools that were used for their preparation of higher education. An application that requires the student to conduct an essay that describes their financial need, education goals, and how they have served in their community is required. These scholarships are made available throughout the year as long as there are resources that can be allocated for the need. 


Mentoring is offered for those students that need an encouragement in their life as they proceed either through Middle School, High School, or College. It is a proven fact that low-income minorities that have been successful in their educational journey 


had at least one college-educated person to guide them through the experience. We understand that many families in the communities we serve have no members that have completed college and there is a need for mentors to offer insight, hope, and just be a friend that can offer support to those students that are seeking their personal journey to become a reality. 

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